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Traditionally prescription eyewear is expensive, but it doesn't have to be. With online options, you can now get glasses (with prescription lenses included!) for as low as $7.00.

The reason glasses from your optometrist cost so much money is nicely summarized in this video:

So if you are looking for Luxottica branded alternatives, our site is a good place to start. This allows you to quickly compare the glasses and their prices on a single page. Shop the top styles without paying top price!

We list the most popular styles from brand name frames next next to their online only counterparts. In our comparison list, you'll see styles from Prada, Ray-ban, Kate Spade, and others. You'll see the similarly styled the online only options right next to them.

The sites we compare glasses from:

Along with great prices, online shops have free returns, so you can try out the glasses before you decide to keep them. Each online shop has their own advantages which we detail below.

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A review of online prescription eyeglass retailers

Buying your glasses online is a great way to save a ton of money. You can stick to brand name options, or choose glasses that come from an online retailer. Online retailers usually have nearly equivalent styles to the brand name frames. The only real difference is the price.

Glasses Comparison

This site helps you find similar looking alternatives to the brand names. Popular eyeglasses have been grouped based on frame shape so that you can easily comparison shop on aa single page. The glasses we link to come from a variety of online sources. We’ll talk a little about each online retailer and highlight their unique offerings.

The stores that we match from:

Online RetailerIncludes Rx Lenses in PriceFree returns or home try onReferral Program for extra savings
FramesDirectNo30 day returns/exchangeNo
EyeBuyDirectYes14 days free returns/exchangeYes - Gives your friend $10, you get $10
WarbyParkerYes5 frames for 5 days, 30 day exchangeNo
39 Dollar GlassesYes30 day returns, 90 free exchangesYes
Zenni OpticalYes30 days, 50% refund, or 100% store creditYes - gives your friend $5, you earn $5
CoastalYes365 days Free returns and exchanges, but 30 days of original shipping date if coupon code was usedNo

Each online retailer has their own unique set of attributes.

Lowest Cost

If you want consistently affordable glasses, Zenni Optical tends to have the lowest prices. Zenni’s prices are so low, that you can overlook their not so stellar return policy. You’ll end up paying more for shipping the glasses back, so you might as well just keep them if you don’t like them.

More Stylish

Eyebuydirect, Warby Parker, and Costal are the best options for stylish glasses. The thing that sets Warby Parker apart from the others is that it has both online and physical retail stores. If you live near one of the retail shops, going into a store to try on glasses in person could be a good option.

Zenni Optical is a great place to get unique and fun frame shapes that include heart shaped frames and geometric shapes. All inexpensive enough to justify for the occasional costume party.

Blue Blocking glasses

EyeBuyDirect has EBD Blue and Eyezen lenses which are designed to help reduce strain from computer and phone screens. Some claim that eliminating blue light an hour or two before bed helps them sleep better. Coastal has BlueReflect lenses, and Zenni has Beyond UV. Most of these lenses are transparent which is quite different from the older blue blocking lenses are usually associated with being orange or having a yellow tint.
Even if you don’t have a prescription, these lenses could be a good alternative to Gunnars, which have a slight magnification that bothers a lot of people.

Donating to Charity

Both Warby Parker and EyeBuyDirect donate portions of profit to charity.

Hopefully this has given you a nice overview of all the choices you have for buying glasses. We are big fans of saving money, and we hoped we helped you save some as well!

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